Can't find toilet paper anywhere? You should get a bidet.

As companies enact mandatory work-from-home policies and major cities shutter bars, restaurants, and schools amid the coronavirus outbreak (now a global pandemic), apocalyptic images of bare store shelves have been flooding our Instagram and Twitter feeds.

And nowhere are things bleaker than in the toilet paper aisle.

Toilet paper aisle at my local Target lmao

— Brooke Binkowski (@brooklynmarie) March 14, 2020

As CNN reported, retailers are struggling to keep TP in stock as people across the country hoard the stuff to prepare for the possibility of quarantine due to the spread of COVID-19. (That’s the World Health Organization‘s official term for the respiratory disease caused by the virus.) In some areas, this panic-buying has gotten so out of control that stores have begun limiting the number of packs customers can purchase at one time. Read more…

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